The Switched-On Garden 001


October 16th, 2011.
Bartram’s Garden.

The Switched-On Garden 001

An interactive exhibition exploring the relationship between plants, music and technology.

At The Switched-On Garden 001, participants were invited to wander Bartram’s Garden and connect with their natural environment through live music, performance and sculpture that blurs the distinction between biological and digital worlds.

Bio-interactive sound installations and performances

░░ Charles Cohen, 2011 Pew Fellow, Phila
░░ Vivian Caccuri, Musicologist and Sound Artist, Brazil
░░ Sam Cusumano, Electrical Education Initiative, Phila
░░ Dan Scofield & Miriam Simun, Interactive Artists, NYC
░░ Jesse Kudler, sound artist, Phila
░░ J. Makary, filmmaker, Phila

░░ Vivian Caccuri

░░ Vivian Caccuri

░░ Sam Cusumano

░░ Sam Cusumano

░░ Charles Cohen

░░ Charles Cohen

Live music by Data Garden artists

Cheap Dinosaurs

Album Release | Full band performance.

Tadoma, Ray & The Prisms

EP Release | Performing a sonic essay on John Bartram with author, botanist and enthusiast Lord Whimsy.

Color Is Luxury

Charles Cohen and hair_loss

+ DJ Ryan Todd

+ visuals by Cosmic Morning

Projecting on historic trees in the garden, renowned visualist and educator Don Miller presents a special lightshow that revisits the roots of modern VJ culture.

░░ Cosmic Morning

░░ Cosmic Morning

Made possible by:




Mouser Electronics | Bartram’s Garden | CipherPrime
Redbud Native Plant Nursery | Art in the Age | I-SITE Progetti Gallery – Rio



Neil Kleinman
Zeke Templin


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