Data Garden is proud to have exhibited the first plant-controlled audio composition to appear at the Philadelphia Museum of Art – hosted by Megawords from April 13-15, 2012.

Data Garden: QUARTET at The Philadelphia Museum of Art

Participants were encouraged to accompany four large tropical plants fitted with specialized electronic sensors. The physiology of these living specimens was converted into data by a computer. That data was then translated into commands used to control quadraphonic audio compositions in real time. The very presence of museum goers effected this performance, resulting in new compositions from moment to moment.

Data Garden was kindly invited to create this installation by Megawords, who ran a library and exhibition space in conjunction with the exhibit Zoe Strauss: Ten Years.

Participating Artists

Dino Lionetti, sound
Alex Tyson, sound & graphics
Joe Patitucci, sound, sound design
Jessica Hans, ceramics
Sam Cusumano, sound & electronics

+ More to be announced

About Megawords

Megawords is an experimental media project that takes the form of an independently published photography magazine, related installation projects and public events. The project is organized by Anthony Smyrski and Dan Murphy.


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