Data Garden PERSONIFIED at Noguchi Museum 5/19


Exploring the role of interface in idea generation by translating the conductive energy of humans into music.


Data Garden is proud to have exhibited new work at The Noguchi Museum in Long Island City, NY on Sunday May 19, 2013.

In developing the technology for our work with plant-sonification, we have found many applications beyond our initial intentions. With Personified, we invited individuals to use the same exact interface that we originally developed for use with plants on their own bodies.

We believe this interface and others like it could be viable tools for professional music production in the future. Extremely fine control of real-time bio-feedback allows endless possibilities in the development of new musical ideas. We invited visitors to explore Personified by developing their own techniques for playing this human/computer instrument.


We were very excited to use SubPac as a part of this installation. Their new tactile-bass technology allowed us to send the sub bass frequencies from our digital instruments directly through participants bodies, enhancing an already immersive experience.


See a test we did of this work at Hub Boulder during Communikey Festival in April.


Data Garden at Noguchi Event Details
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