Greg Fox’s Mitral Transmission is a lucid and masterfully dynamic exploration in the tradition of biofeedback music.


“The real school of music and how to properly learn music is to listen to your inner self. Music is not played with an external instrument, it is played with your universe-connected mind.”
- Milford Graves



In the winter of 2013, Greg Fox was invited by master jazz drummer and holistic healer, Milford Graves to visit his basement lab in Queens, NY. It was there that Mr. Graves had spent years developing technology to generate music from the natural rhythms of the human heart. This music, according to Milford, could be used both as a diagnostic tool for human health and as means for musicians to find and follow their own natural rhythms.

A willing subject of Milford’s experiments, Greg Fox was fitted with specialized bio-sensing machinery connected to a computer programmed with custom software that allowed him, for the first time, to hear the the music of his own body. The elaborate score resulting from this visit was then used as the basis for the compositions found on Mitral Transmission.

Much like his drumming in the bands Liturgy and Guardian Alien, this work can be unflinchingly explosive, fluttering and merciless in one instance, poised and withholding in the next – seeming only to channel what is vital and in the moment. The sampled instrumentation is deliberately minimal yet richly nuanced – brought to life by the rhythmic and tonal complexities of Greg’s body. A clear progression from his recent work with Zs Mitral Transmission is a lucid and masterfully dynamic exploration in the tradition of biofeedback and generative music.

Mitral Transmission
by Greg Fox

Available as Digital Download
and Plantable Music



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Production Notes

Produced by:

Greg Fox

Mastered by:
Ryan Schwabe in Philadelphia

Cover art by:
Jason Termini


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