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Data Garden is a creative engine and record label making advances in the way electronic music is produced and distributed.

Data Garden was founded in 2011 by Joe Patitucci and Alex Tyson as a record label and arts journal with a mission of encouraging the discovery of electronic music through history, science and community. Then, we focused primarily on online curation of digital media. Over time our activities have expanded to include production of public art, curation and production of events and outdoor festivals, and manufacture of boutique electronic hardware.

In 2012, our exploration of the heritage of primitive electronic art provided inspiration to begin working with biofeedback and generative music. The first of such works was Data Garden QUARTET, an immersive audio environment with compositions generated by tropical plants. In 2014, we made the custom hardware built for this installation available to the public through MIDI Sprout, a worldwide public art project building community and connection to living plants through music.


Data Garden seeks to redefine traditional music distribution. Digital files are easily lost by the impermanence of computing. Physical objects like CDs, tapes and records last far beyond their usability and possibly even our existence as a species. We seek to address these challenges by releasing digital album codes on artwork that can grow into living plants.



░░ contact@datagarden.org
General queries.


░░ demo@datagarden.org
It is rare that we will release music that comes to us as an unsolicited demo but we are open to finding new music in this way..


░░ licensing@datagarden.org
Inquiries related to music for film or television or web.

press inquiries

░░ press@datagarden.org


░░ sponsorship@datagarden.org

Data Garden is currently an advertisement-free zone. However, we seek sponsors to help facilitate events and endow special research projects.


Joe Patitucci, director

░░ joe@datagarden.org

Jon Shapiro, creative development

░░ jon@datagarden.org

Alex Tyson, co-founder

░░ alex@datagarden.org

Sam Cusumano, engineer

░░ sam@datagarden.org

Ian Cross, partner

░░ ian@datagarden.org

Support Team

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